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A subject guaranteed to start an argument - just how many SEAC's were made ?

It is very difficult to find the facts especially as the records from TVR are sketchy and all were destroyed.
The chassis number doesn't help much either: Graham Robson's book explains the chassis sequence and what each number and letter stands for, when looking at SEAC chassis the 35P stands for 3.5 litre Rover engine, P = petrol, and not for engine size, later on for the Griffith and Chimaera it had 40P and 50P etc which stood for engine size. Most SEAC's had 35P so it makes it hard to tell a proper SEAC from a fake by chassis number.

Steve Heath's Wedge "bible" - sources John Tipler:
(but shows no production in 1990/1991 ?)

Model 1986 1987 1988 1989 Total
420 4  14 19   37
450     4 14 18

Another source gives:

Total production was 57 this breaks down as 37 road going 420's, 19 were road going 450's

In addition there was 1 monstrous 660 and a one off special yellow 420 racer 

The SEAC pages database currently contains:

Production for the 420 SEAC's started in 1986 and the 450 SEAC range in 1988. The penultimate SEAC was a dark green J-reg, the last one built red (Registration now is J15 EAC), produced in 1991. By this time fully specified from the factory this would have set you back a staggering £50,000. With the arrival of the long awaited Griffith at under £25k the Big Bad Wedge days were truly numbered.

Penultimate TVR SEAC
Penultimate SEAC built in 1991 (courtesy of Marshall Moore)