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Tim Lamont:
I remember a group of us in SEACs at British sportscar day at Brooklands about 8 years ago , doing a 4 gun salute by starting up and revving up for a minute or 2 , only to notice various people running towards us waving to stop, we then noticed that a hundred yrds away they were doing a concours prize giving and nobody could hear a ****ing thing, they were slightly pissed off, the funny bit was that one of the SEACs (now Rev-erend's 450) had won first prize and the owner had to walk over to collect the cup with everybody looking at him.

Q. What's on the roof rack ?

A. Beer!

Photo: courtesy of Paul Woloschuk

Factory employee:
SEAC's a great looking motor but what a bitch to make. Was involved on the electrical side and interia fit ie dash. I wouldn't like to guess how many are knocking about. Towards the end of the build run the price was hiked up to put people off buying them but the orders kept on coming and in the end PRW pulled the plug on the model. RED was the most popular colour - remember one coming back to the factory fully chromed engine and all pipe work aeroquiped the dogs bollocks.It looked better than when it left the factory It was trailered in, someones pride and joy for sure

When your car is in the garage:

Reproduced from Sprint April 1997:

Which Modern TVR?

Dear Ed,

Having previously written a comparison of TVR Models, I have recently had the opportunity to drive another three, being the S3, V8S and Cerbera.

For the benefit of a complete comparison, I shall briefly reiterate on my driving views of the 350i, 400SE, Griffith 4.0, Chimaera 4.3 and Griffith 500.

Individuals are able to form their own impressions on the appearance of each model, but rarely are able to attach driving experiences of the cars. Power assisted steering is a matter of personal preference.

350i Dated looks, great fun car, plenty of power and road holding to match, excellent value for money.

280i Ditto, but not so macho, still got good power with handling to match, cheap.

400SE (390SE) More refined looks, classroom bully, goes like stink at 2,500 revs, brilliant traction, too noisy, fantastic fun, good value, twitchy ride and steering, brakes not up to power.

450SE Ditto, school bully, for power hungry macho men.

SEAC Perfected wedge look, huge rubber, best Tasmin some say. Difficult to live with, not an everyday sports car.

S2 Retro looks, pleasant usable sports car, good power, odd dash, short doors, supple good handling.

S3 Ditto, nice dash, S3c bonnet nice with extra driving lights and S4c has nicest bonnet with side vents.

V8S Retro, bonnet bulge, ditto, but American V8 howl and goes like stink right through the rev range. Lots of torque more akin to Griff than 400SE. Supple easy going ride with good grip, good everyday sports car.

Griff 400 Smooth looker, power as V8S but better firmer handling, better update to 500 suspension set up though. Interior brilliant, sounds magic, easy to live with.

Griff 500 Ditto, but absolutely brilliant if you like real power, delivered right through the rev range, must be the best as it also sounds perfect.

Chico 4.3 Fabulous grand touring soft top with easily delivered power, the wife will drive it as well if you'll let her (who said male chauvinism was dead? Mrs Ed.) Space beside the clutch for resting ones foot unlike all other models, more like an ordinary car i.e. Porsche 928!

Cerbera Something else, no V8 burble, like a brisk diesel escort in town with revs wanting to soar. As Bruce Smith what it's like on the open road, I never got that far unfortunately, just the streets of Harrogate, Thanks Nigel, very exciting machine.

John A Malcolm