the TVR SEAC pages
Blisteringly quick ? - Yes
Sound good ? - Yes, Big Wedges have the best TVR soundtrack
Stylish ? - Umm (Definitely purposeful)
words by Duncan Simey
Welcome to this site about the TVR SEAC. I started this site to gather together a collection of information about the cars and here you will find pictures, history, a database of cars, published articles and videos. There is also a download section where you will find some manuals in case anything goes wrong. Too many people to mention have helped from as far away as the USA to New Zealand - thank you all

One of the perennial questions asked about the SEAC is how many were built and where are they now. To the former I think that we will never really know and to the latter some of the answers are here. The only certainty is that only one TVR SEAC Racer exists.

If you have any pictures, comments or corrections contact

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