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A racer for the road

Chris Schirle:

Peter Wheeler wanted a psuedo race car for the road - I am not sure who it would appeal to but the fact is he was not wrong many times.

I was told by PW to try and transfer some of the handling and performance (of the Racer) on to the production models - he wanted a flagship car.

For the road car Bilstein and Koni were brought in to the factory to try and make the car comfortable - Springing, damping and brakes were altered for production. They had to be performance cars but they had to be comfortable.

The SEAC was a progression of the 390SE: in fact the first prototype (C98ULL the white press car) was really a 390SE under the skin.
The model was produced with racing in mind. TVR had already been racing with the Tasmin series with some success but with the SEAC they had created a real monster with a power to weight ratio greater than that of a Porsche turbo. In fact the only production car that could match its off the line acceleration was the Lamborghini.

TVR 420 SEAC Motorshow 1986
The 42O SEAC was unveiled at the October '86 Motor Show
This silver car was later resrayed black